Why The First Two Hours Morning Light Are Essential

I prioritize morning sunlight for very specific reasons.
1) Sunrise sets the circadian rhythm via the blend/intensity of red and blue light frequencies and communicates to my SCN (master clock in the brain) exactly the time of day. My SCN oscillates this message to every cell so they can sync up all their tasks.
A strong circadian rhythm is needed for the body to determine energy usage AKA burn fat for fuel. Without the circadian activation of BMAL, cells have inhibited lipolysis (fat burning capabilities).
2) Morning light is heavy in red/infrared so it acts as natural red light therapy. This is a great time to expose areas of the body that are inflamed and also a great time to precondition the skin to better handle the more intense UV rays.

3) The perfect blend of red/blue at sunrise also “turns on” my hypothalamus – pituitary axis to regulate hormone production. It decreases melatonin while boosting cortisol and pregnenolone which my body partitions based on whether my mitochondria think I need to fight or flee or make a baby.
4) UVA appears (typically) within the first two hours. UVA photons into naked eyes get trapped in the aromatic amino acids and energize them to transform into subsequent chemicals:
-tyrosine/phenylalanine becomes dopamine, norepinephrine, thyroid hormones and more
-tryptophan becomes serotonin (eventually melatonin)
-histadine becomes histamine and urocanic acid so I can be better prepared, again, for stronger UV light.
UVA on the skin also stimulates nitric oxide production which causes vasodilation of the blood vessels. Basically, NO brings bloods to the surface of the skin so it can absorb more light. So cool.
5) Another brain chemical made up of 241 amino acids called POMC interacts with UVA light and can become a wide range of chemicals such as beta endorphin (which boosts my mood, lowers pain and makes me crave the sunlight), ACTH (which lowers inflammation) and other chemicals that regulate mood, libido, appetite, fat burning, etc.
I hope you can see why I do everything I can to get as much morning light exposure into my eyes and onto my skin as possible.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/ChKbvhhuYSf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link






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